• Five on Black Brazilian Grill

  • Five on Black Brazilian Grill

  • Five on Black Brazilian Grill


Missoula Phone

[406] 926.1860


Monday - Saturday 11:00AM - 9:00PM

325 North Higgins

Missoula, MT 59802

Bozeman Phone

[406] 551.2692


Monday - Saturday 11:00AM - 9:00PM

242 East Main

Bozeman, MT 59715

Tom Here...

I went down to Brazil in late 2011. The weather was great, the beaches amazing, and the people beautiful. But what really blew me away was the food. The way they used such simple ingredients to make dishes that salsa danced with my tongue and high-fived my taste buds. Every time I sat down to eat it was not just about chewing, it was about the experience – I ate great food, and took the time to enjoy the company around me. Here in America we attack the process of gaining nourishment like we’re committing a crime. We get in, we grab it, we get out. I wanted to import not just the Brazilian flavors, but also the Brazilian way of eating. So snag a plate. Sit down. Tell a joke to the person next to you. Make a friend. Smile. Laugh. Live a story worth telling. Start here.

Tom Snyder


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What our customers are saying

  • "I really like Five on Black. The food is different and provides Missoula residents with something fresh, healthy and delicious. Like another reviewer noted, I always feel great when I'm finished with my meal and never feel bloated or too full. The little rolls that come with the bowls are delicious!"


  • "I love that I can go somewhere that is good, but also reasonably healthy. I can eat gluten free, spicy and low low carbs with amazing taste! I would chose to eat here even if i wasnt trying to eat healthy..its that good."


  • "Great food and good people!!! My kids love going here as well. Not too much, not too little. Feel great without the overstuffed bloated feelings."


  • "If you like Chipotle, Moes, Q'doba, or Café Rio, visit Five on Black for a Brazillian twist on the traditional "burrito bowl" concept! While the menu is quite limited (food is only served bowl-style), the options that are available are scrumptious!! The starter is lettuce or rice, and this can be topped with a variety of amazing options including fish, sweet potatoes, and spicy coconut sauce (there are many others too). Definitely visit 5 on Black if you're passing through downtown and need a quick meal!!"


  • "Even with a line out the door we got our food fast. It was only $4.95 for a filling bowl of meat, rice, sauce and sides. A great addition to Missoula."


  • "Casual atmosphere, friendly staff who will gladly help you to figure out you lunch so it is right for you. Fun, hopping' spot with great food."


  • "We saw people carrying these interesting bowls when we were wondering around the market on a Saturday in May and asked where they got them. My husband and I both had the salad based bowl and found that it was more than enough food. So tasty and different to what you usually find for a quick meal. Would recommend you stop."

  • "Five on Black is the perfect place to go if you're downtown & need a quick & delicious meal. Even if they're busy the lines seem to move quickly. The staff is always very friendly & helpful if you have questions. I love the sweet potatoes, spicy coconut sauce & cheese bread! The portions are pretty big & you can't go wrong with the prices!"


  • "This welcoming and hip little restaurant provides a delicious (and quick) meal at a very reasonable price. On top of all that, the food is healthy and gluten free, and the employees are friendly and helpful as you navigate your way through the choices for your meal. Love the inclusion of a communal table where you can eat with friends or join folks you haven't met yet."

  • "I usually tire quickly of rice bowls; however the fresh taste at this joint is amazing. Different flavors to combine and all is fresh and amazing. Will definitely return. Also a great value!"

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